Admission Requirements
Admission and registration of new students at Emirates National Schools for AY 2020-2021

In an effort from Emirates National Schools to provide the students and parents with the best educational services during this difficult time we are all going through in fighting the spread of the COVID 19 virus, Emirates National Schools administration has decided to try and overcome all obstacles that disrupt the educational process. We plan to accept all new students into the school (Exceptional to Academic year 2020-2021) without being subjected to placement tests. However, all the admission requirements for the Ministry of Education, Department of Education and Knowledge and Sharjah Private Education Authority must be fulfilled, as well as ensuring that Emirates National Schools standards are met and all required documents are provided. In addition to that, parents must agree to the following:
  • Students do not need services that the school cannot provide for people of determination (students with special needs). If the school later finds out that the student needs special care or special services that the school cannot accommodate, acceptance will be considered invalid and the parent will be required to transfer the student to another school or educational institute.
  • Students must commit to Emirates National Schools' procedures as well as the behavioral and educational code of conduct.
  • If the school realizes that the student has behavioral or educational issues that do not meet Emirates National Schools' standards, parents will be requested to transfer the student to another school.
Required Documents

required documents

Application Form (Campuses: Abu Dhabi, MBZ City, Al Ain City)

Application Form (Campuses: Sharjah, RAK)

Age Criteria

The school’s curriculum learning objectives determine the recommended minimum age required for admission to each class as follows:

Kindergarten 1 4 to 5 years
Kindergarten 2 5 to 6 years
Grade 1 6 to 7 years