About Schoolvoice

We introduce SchoolVoice, the mobile application that will simplify communication between school and parents.

In a step that aims at improving the communication process between our school and parents, we introduce SchoolVoice mobile app to provide a two-way communication process that allows parents to effectively communicate with school via a set of one-tap action messages that enable parents to stay up-to-date with everything related to their child’s education, receive instant messages from school, send immediate replies, and save time.


The app includes the following features:

One-tap Action messages

The app allows parents to easily accept, decline, or acknowledge school messages and notifications. All it takes is a one-tap action as soon as the message is displayed on the smartphone. Let’s review the types of messages in SchoolVoice

  • Acknowledge Messages

    By tapping the acknowledge button that appears with this type of messages, parents confirm their acknowledgement of the content of message. This feature ensures that parents are aware of every important school announcement/notification.

  • Accept/Decline Messages

    The parent can easily take a decision of accepting or declining a noticiation or a call of action sent by the school by simply tapping accept or decline button which appears at the bottom of each instant message received. With this feature, we reduce the need for the parent’s physical signature.

  • Reply Messages

    In some cases, the school needs to discuss an important matter with the parent more freely, here comes the benefit of the feedback feature where the school will be able to open a conversation chat with him. Through this feature, the parent can attach files as well.

  • Emergency Alerts

    In case of emergencies and critical situations, the school will send parents this type of messages to request an immediate action. This type of messages is a notification with a full screen and loud siren. It works even if the device is set on silent.


Other Features

SchoolVoice comes with a set of different features that are designed for busy parents:

  • Stories

    The app allows teachers, parents, and students to hold on to favorite moments and share them together through the app Stories feature. With a high level of privacy, they can take a photo or a video and upload it to their feed.

  • Personal Reminders

    Assign personal reminders to the messages that you do not want to miss.

  • SMS Backup

    In case of no or poor internet connection, the parent will receive a backup SMS of the same message to ensure that parents are notified all the time about updates.


Download SchoolVoice app today and use your registered phone number to sign in to the app, or contact us to update your information 052 9914458, 028855699

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