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The Emirates National Schools strive to provide a first-rate education to future Emirati leaders while preserving the beliefs that form the national identity.

A common learning platform connects campuses in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and Mohamed Bin Zayed City and creates one system from pre-school to the doorway to college.

ENS combines ambitious yet achievable standards, a mix of assessments, and rigorous college preparatory courses.  The American program of study prepares students to succeed in the best universities in the world.

On the way to graduation, students acquire the knowledge and skills that enable them to navigate in today’s world.  While English is the language of instruction, the curriculum features instruction for all secondary students in three languages (Arabic, English, and French) as well as Islamic and Arabic Studies.  The path begins in Preschool and continues through Kindergarten and Primary School where it rests on a foundation of the International Baccalaureate program.  The path ends in the secondary level program (separate Boy’s and Girl’s School) with the American Diploma Project and Advanced Placement courses where students earn credits that are recognized by colleges all over the world.

Focused on the needs of each individual, ENS prepares students for the 21st century.  Because success today means competing in an international marketplace, academic content is important but it is not enough.  Skills matter.  Critical thinking and international mindedness are important.  ENS students see how school connects with the world at large.  The aim is to help students achieve their dreams.

Learning at ENS is a continuous cycle of improvement.  Standards set the target in each grade.  Resources help support each student to the learning destination.  In the classroom, teachers adjust instruction based on frequent progress monitoring.  End-of-year assessments show the progress of students toward annual goals.  Evaluation gauges system progress against international benchmarks.  Accreditation by AdvancED is used to certify the quality of an ENS education.

With tradition as its foundation, the Emirates National Schools strive to ensure students are proud of their heritage and that their families are proud of them.

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